Fives Investments, LLC proposes to contribute to the larger population-wide prevention efforts of COVID-19, among other potential “surface contact” infections, by providing workers and members of the public with innovative “user-on-the-go” protective sheet dispensing apparatus, which can easily be mounted on any surface and accessed without much effort. The proposed apparatus is designed to fill the identified gaps with a majority of the existing equipment, where a majority still do not guarantee the requisite safety and quality assurance intended to offer foolproof infection prevention, particularly COVID-19. The proposed xCestus Protection Sheets Dispenser (pending product patenting) will provide a more accessible and user-friendly option for hand protection, especially by disrupting potential transmission pathways associated with cross-contamination between two hands while routinely donning and doffing gloves or other personal protective equipment (PPE). The dispenser comprises a surface mounted stacking member on the posterior, with a distal attachment of an anterior-access dispenser, which holds the protective sheets. The sheets come in different shapes and sizes to suit the specific part of the body being donned (palm, finger etc.). Once a user places their palm on the proximal layers of protective sheets, they only need to apply pressure that triggers surface attachment of the sheets onto the palm or finger and natural surface tension mechanics come into play. With this, there will be no need to use one hand for touching the other, hence reducing chances of cross-contamination and pathogenic transfer between surfaces.