X Number Game

Today you acquaint yourself with one of the most edgy games to come to your iPhone. “Cross Numbers Puzzle” is not your old fashioned fill in the blank puzzle. It is an in your face, make you think, numbers challenge. Developed by HYPERLINK “http://zyousoft.com/”zYouSoft, this app will present a contest like no other. This game will test your eye-hand coordination as well as your ability to think quickly.
With a bright, colorful board, “Cross Numbers Puzzle” is sure to attract even the most seasoned puzzle player. The way the board is constructed will tell you right away; this is not an average puzzle. The playing area is a square on its side with a point at the top and bottom. On the bottom edges of the square are blocks with a two digit number. Inside the square are colorful circles with numbers connected in a line. Here is where it gets challenging. Some circles do not have a number in them. You pick a number from 1-9 to place in the correct circle. If you pick the correct number you will have completed the string to equal the number in the square. Would you like more? Ok, how about we add a timer so you’re really under pressure. When you complete the puzzle correctly, you will be directed to the Scoreboard where you enter your name. Of course the timer is there to show that your mind needs to be in overdrive to get better. Are you up for it?