Money Train Rain


Become very wealthy, a Tycoon, with your bank account deposit level and earn a gift card. Enjoy building your wealth and fame at anytime and anywhere by slicing through the raining gold coins.


Money Train Rain game rains gold coins, moneybags and other pleasant surprises. Swipe the gold coins to collect more raining gold coins or swipe the moneybags full of gold coins that are falling from the sky and have your train cart get loaded faster with money. The more you swipe, the bigger the train load delivery is to your bank. Watch and enjoy how fast your bank account gets loaded with money. Move up in stature at your bank from poor student, to teacher, to business owner, to landlord, to ultimately a Tycoon. Fast, easy, and simple. Just swipe and swipe….and swipe and see your status climb up. Don’t forget to unlock the huge bank vault for more gold to accelerate your wealth. The faster you swipe through the faster you become a Tycoon.

Money Train Rain is full of great features:

– Free gift card when you reach Tycoon level

– A bank vault full of surprising gifts to get rich faster

– Every time you reach a bank account level you get a free stack of coins

– Extreme ease finger swiping

– Move up in levels

– Bank accounts from student, teacher, business owner, landlord, and

– Enjoy watching video games

– Top design animation and graphics

Invite your friends and see who can get rich faster.