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Fives Investments LLC (FI) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help small businesses bring their products and innovations to the commercial marketplace. FI accomplishes this by forging partnerships between these businesses and the engineers and scientists who can best help them.

I am Samir Hanna Safar, small businesses owner and a creative inventor. I have 16 U.S. utility patent. I desire very much to share my creativity with the world, and to make it a better place. My creativity is not limited to inventing things, and getting them patented. I am an author of creativity and innovation books, including The Five Pillars of Creative Thinking. I have also applied my creative knowledge to helping small business owners get started, with this book the 56 Small Business Rules.
Ultimately, I want to share my experience in small business with the world by teaching people how not to make the same mistakes.
My formal higher learning started with acquiring a B.S. in microbiology, from the University of Minnesota.

Our Work

Stuck Rescue

Stuck Rescue, tire snow chain.

xCestus Protection Sheets

Fives Investments, LLC proposes to contribute to the larger population-wide…

Alphabet Wars

Alphabet Wars is a word board game with two levels of difficulty. It requires knowledge, strategy…

Feelit Microshaver

Medical community and medical social network includes Help Wanted and medical jobs

Electronic display screen with dynamic topography

The present invention relates to an electronic screen display device capable of providing…

Concussion Fender

The present invention relates to an impactproof head protection device…


Medical community and medical social network includes Help Wanted and medical jobs…

Finding Roman Sarah

fun game of fining Roman Sarah…


TaskBlazer is a mobile application that allows you, the health care provider…


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