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In Mary’s Shadow the story’s main character, Mary, is upset because her house is too small, and she has to share a bedroom with her sister, Sarah. As is the case with many siblings, Mary often gets irritated at her younger sister, and this makes Sarah feel bad. One day, Mary has an encounter with a magical character called Jahoolah, who promises Mary a bigger house if she will only trade shadows with her. Mary willingly trades shadows with the hag, Jahoolah, as Mary sees little value in shadows anyway. After the trade, things start to happen to Mary. She finds herself with her big house and her own room, but, she feels tired and unhappy. She has not told her family about the trade she has made, and Mary’s mother becomes worried about her. Each day, Mary feels increasingly tired and weak. She feels so tired that her mother takes her to various people in the village in search of a cure. Finally, Mary talks with one wise person who enables Mary to see that the important things in life are not material goods. After this, Mary realizes that the love of one’s family is more important than anything. In a surprise ending, things return back to normal, and Mary loses her big house, but is content to have her loving family with her. She has learned a valuable lesson that makes her appreciate what she has.
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