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With OffFees businesses, any type of business, can retain clients and encourage loyalty with memberships. It improves revenue and patient retention.

OffFees is NOT a coupon app or health insurance pla


TaskBlazer is a mobile application that allows you, the health care provider, to manage your practice remotely, keep track of your employee and staffs performance, setting goals for each employee and allowing you to check the progress of your practic


The CelebrityDDS app enables you to retain existing patients by offering them dental services and products at member-only prices. The membership packages you offer are contoled by your dental practice, allowing you to have ownership over your in-hou


Faster Job Fullfilment, Better Pricing

Better than an agency.

Three taps and you can find the perfect staff or job.

No more sorting through reems of resumes to find that right person - only for them to sho

Personal Trainer App

PTEliteFit is a program unlike any other, as it helps members to get the most out of their personal training experience.

Each participating personal trainer or gym will offer a benefit package that is exclusive to members, allowing you

Hot Mess Citation

Hot Mess Citation social

Words in Shapes

 Introducing the newest and most exciting thing to happen to the world of word puzzles! Brought to you by zYouSoft, WordsinShapes challenges even the most advanced puzzle enthusiasts with hours of mind-boggling, brain-teasing fun!
Can you fin

X Number Game

Today you acquaint yourself with one of the most edgy games to come to your iPhone. "Cross Numbers Puzzle" is not your old fashioned fill in the blank puzzle. It is an in your face, make you think, numbers challenge. Developed by

Money Train Rain



Become very wealthy, a Tycoon, with your bank account deposit level and earn a gift card. Enjoy building your wealth and fame at anytime and anywhere by slicing through the raining gold coins.

Money T